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The official homepage of the Toowoomba Budgerigar Association.

You will find other sites when you do a Google search, but you will find that they are all now defunct. This is the current, reliable and up-to-date site for all your local budgerigar needs.

This club has a tumultuous history. It all started in the 1950s with the Toowoomba Canary and Cage Bird Club. Three gentlemen from that club decided that budgerigars were not receiving due recognition under that regime, so they formed the Darling Downs Budgerigar Club in Toowoomba. Mr James Hobdell, Mr Mervyn Towns, and Mr Thomas Smith were the three patriots.

“Jimmy” Hobdell was a well-known breeder from Yarraman who created and then improved the Lacewing variety. Patron Les Banks remembers him as “an excellent breeder and a really decent bloke.”
The club appears to have hit a slump in 1976 and merged with the Ipswich Club for about a year until they found traction.

They came back with a vengeance and are now known as the Toowoomba Budgerigar Association.
There has always been a larrikin or two in the club, and we hope that this website will become a record of some of these larrikins’ antics as they make history in their own unique way. Check out our Resources page.
This club has had a lot of success in Southern Queensland, especially in the Futures Shows. Two of our Warwick members have made a big name for themselves by winning first place in the Lutino and Spangle AOSV varieties at the last two “Nationals” Shows. That makes them a fantastic source of hints and tips, which they are happy to provide.

Yellow Lacewing